Hi! I'm Julian.

UX researcher & designer-who-codes, civic/urbanism nerd, sociolinguist, trans guy, doodler, Thai speaker, foodie, artist.

Julian Avery Leonard. Hi!

I love guiding teams through thoughtful, critical engagement with the problems our users face, working through technical possibilities, learning from users themselves, visualizing ideas and problem-solving together on paper, at the whiteboard, in graphics, and in code.

I think a lot about how social systems of power work, and why. Much of our experience of the world has been shaped, bit by bit, by people on teams in institutions making decisions. That’s design.

As designers – of tools and tasks, of work, of how people interact – we have an ethical responsibility to use our imaginations. Once we have deeply informed ourselves about the problem at hand, we need to really think about who we are designing for, the kind of world our passive choices would support, and what we have the opportunity to change. It can be exciting work.